Dr. Hong Li – Director, Center for Advanced Proteomics Research – NJMS Rutgers- liho2@njms.rutgers.edu 

Dr. Vlad Kholodovych – Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC)- Rutgers- vlad.khol@rutgers.edu

Dr. Lai-Hua Xie- Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Medicine –NJMS Rutgers-xiela@njms.rutgers.edu

Dr. Andy Harris- Department Pharmacology/Physiology/Neuroscience- NJMS Rutgers-aharris@njms.rutgers.edu

Dr. Paul Sorgen- Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology- U. of Nebraska psorgen@unmc.edu

Dr. Jorge Contreras- Department Pharmacology/Physiology/Neuroscience- NJMS Rutgers-contrejo@njms.rutgers.edu

Dr. Walter Durán- Department Pharmacology/Physiology/Neuroscience- NJMS Rutgers- duran@njms.rutgers.edu

Dr. Andreas Friebe. Institute of Physiology- Würzburg U., Würzburg, Germany-andreas.friebe@uni-wuerzburg.de

ALUMNI from the late David Garbers’ lab at a cGMP conference in Germany (Professors Michaela Kuhn, Lincoln Potter and Ruey-Bing Yang).

Our lab is 20 min from Manhattan.

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