Research in Beuve’s Lab

Current and past members of the lab.

Research in our laboratory focuses on cell-cell communications and more precisely, on pathways that involve the major second messenger, cGMP, and  the gaseous molecule nitric oxide (NO). Our research program focuses on 2 main projects: a) understanding the mechanisms of modulation of soluble guanylyl cyclase (GC1), a heme containing enzyme that produces cGMP in response to activation by nitric oxide (NO) and b) the role of GC1 S-nitrosation in cells.

New Jersey Medical School

A postdoctoral position is currently available to lead a project to integrate the molecular mechanisms of Nitric Oxide and cGMP signaling in vivo in the cardiovascular system of mouse models subjected to oxidative stress, using physiological and pharmacological approaches.  The ideal candidate obtained his/her PhD recently and has expertise in cardiovascular biology.

You can access our departmental Website at: http://njms.rutgers.edu/departments/pharmacology/index.cfm